Huisdierenoppas Kirra uit Amsterdam

  Amsterdam , Amsterdam-West

I am currently a proud bunny Mum of 2 little guys, Bertie & Peppa. They are 3 years old and live with my husband and I as free roam in our house with some occasional outdoor play in our backyard in a secure environment. I am very dedicated to their care and fully understand rabbits in terms of daily care but also important signs or potential issues with their health to identify early detection with their fragile bodies.

I have grown up always having a pet cat and dog as well when I was younger. And I often look after my friend's dog approximately 1 week for every month with dog walking and feeds as well as comforting the dog's severe anxiety. I love being around all little creatures and helping out others with their furry loved ones.

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Woonplaats Amsterdam
Postcode 1013XG
Lid sindsmei 2020
Laatste keer ingelogd2 weken geleden
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1 Huisbezoek per dag: 5
2 Huisbezoeken per dag: 10
3 Huisbezoeken per dag: 15
Dagoppas bij jou thuis
Ik kom overdag bij jou in huis: 15
1 extra huisdier: 5
Dag en nacht oppas bij jou thuis
Ik logeer bij jou in huis: 15
1 extra huisdier: 5
Dagopvang bij mij thuis
Dagopvang bij oppas: 30
1 extra huisdier: 5
Dag en nacht opvang bij mij thuis
Huisdier logeert bij oppas: 30
1 extra huisdier: 5
Wandelen met de hond: 7
Extra hond: 4


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