Huisdierenoppas Patricia uit Haarlem


Hola animal lover!

I am a half Spanish- half dutch girl that studies in The Netherlands. Nature is my passion, I am a crazy plant and animal lover.

Since little I have always been taking care of the dogs of my friends. My best friend had 7 dogs in her house because her father is the owner of an ORG in Spain for dogs and cats, so I was always surrounded by all kinds of different dogs/cats/puppies... I was basically all day in her house because I loved the dogs. My parents never let me have a dog or a cat, only when I was quite old I finally sneaked a young street cat into my mom's house in Spain,

Here in The Netherlands, I had a boyfriend and he left his cat in my house for 1,5 years because I got on well with her and he saw the connection we had, I'm usually good with animals because I love them the way they love us.

Now that we broke up he took the cat, and I can't bring my cat here from Spain or have another because I travel a lot and I don't have the time a dog or a cat deserves. :)
This is why I am here to see if I can help someone taking care of their fluffy ones!!
The love you get from an animal is incredible, I miss that innocence that dogs and cats give.
I love walking in nature if you like I can go for long walks with your dog.
Would really appreciate it if I could help someone out!!

PS: I'm a crazy plant lover, I have green hands as well, plants also need their love

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Huisdierenoppas Patricia uit Haarlem
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