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Welcome to check my Instagram or Facebook page for the cat bosses I've serviced for.

I am Pei, I come from Taiwan and I am currently living in Best as a freelancer, so I have flexible time to look after your lovely pet when you go for traveling or not at home. I am willing to go to your house every day to take care of your pets if it is not too far by bike(within 10 min ride), also I am happy to travel to further places (additional travel cost applied) or stay at your house to company your pets if they need lots attention. I can also pick up / drop off your pets by a car(additional travel cost applied) if they have the carrier, then I can look after them in my house.

I am an experienced cat owner who had a cat names Chumi since his 5 months old for nearly 8 years. Unfortunately, he went to heaven by an accident a few years ago, since then, I am not ready to have another cat but I am still a big fan of all kinds of cats. I still enjoy staying and playing with cats, so I go to cat-cafes once in a while.

Except for cat, I have the experience to take care of chickens, also I am willing to take care of other animals if you can teach me how to do it. I can go to your house every day to feed and play with your pet, clean litter box, of course, I can take photos of your pet and send them to you every day, also I will report you about their conditions. Feel free to ask me what I can do, I will do my best to fulfill the pet boss and their owners :)

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Kattenoppas Pei uit Best
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