Huisdierenoppas Kelly uit Spijkenisse


I speak Dutch too but since most clients don't, I leave the description in English!

Hey there!
I'm Kelly, a 28 year old crazy pet lady (but mostly a cat lady)!
Together with my fiancé Daan and our son Tyler, we take care of animals! Whether that be petsitting or rescuing them and getting them ready for adoption!
You can find our work under the name The Raging Kitties.
I have many years of experience with all kinds of animals, small or big, young or old and sick or healthy! I have worked in animal shelters and for other organisations before starting my own.
All animals are welcome! We also administer medication and injections!
We speak both Dutch and English.

What do we offer?

Dog walking:

A 30 minute walk where we can either just have a slow, relaxing walk. Or, if your dog has a lot of energy, we can run around and play with toys (provided by us, but if they have a favourite toy at home, please let us know)!

Home visits:

A 30 minute visit (per visit) where we make sure your pet has what it needs! Fresh water, food, a clean litter box, medication, tons of cuddles and playtime!


Have your pet stay over for 24 hours! We have a large garden for the dogs (we don't let other animals outside unless requested) where they can run around freely and we are surrounded by nature for nice walks. They get fresh water of course and get to play with all the toys! Where they sleep is up to you. They're welcome to roam the entire house and sleep with us. But if you provide a bench, that is fine too!
We do ask to bring your pet's food.


Have your pet stay over during the day (max 12 hours)! We have a large garden for the dogs (we don't let other animals outside unless request...

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Huisdierenoppas Kelly uit Spijkenisse
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Woonplaats Spijkenisse
Postcode 3208AL
Beantwoorde berichten67%
Gem. reactiesnelheid3 minuten 4 seconden
Lid sindsfebruari 2020
Laatste keer ingelogd6 dagen geleden
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Past op

  • Kleine Hond
  • Middelgrote Hond
  • Grote Hond
  • Kat
  • Konijn en Knaagdier
  • Amfibie
  • Reptiel
  • Vis
  • Vogel
  • Paard
  • Boerderijdier

Ik bied aan

1 Huisbezoek per dag: 15
2 Huisbezoeken per dag: 25
3 Huisbezoeken per dag: 35
Dagoppas bij jou thuis
Ik kom overdag bij jou in huis: 40
1 extra huisdier: 3
Dag en nacht oppas bij jou thuis
Ik logeer bij jou in huis: 40
1 extra huisdier: 3
Dagopvang bij mij thuis
Dagopvang bij oppas: 18
1 extra huisdier: 3
Dag en nacht opvang bij mij thuis
Huisdier logeert bij oppas: 25
1 extra huisdier: 3
Wandelen met de hond: 15
Extra hond: 3


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 Planten water geven
 Brievenbus legen
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 Ervaring met medicijnen toedienen
 Ervaring met probleemgedrag
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Service voor hondenoppas

 Lange wandelingen
 Ervaring met puppy's
 Wandelingen door het park
 Individuele wandelingen
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