Hondenoppas Lene uit Utrecht

  Utrecht , Zuid

Particuliere oppas....prices are told upon request, I have a (day) and a (day/night) rate. Only full charges...no part day charges
I'm Canadian,,speak Dutch but find the grammar very difficult. I'm doing this in English (sorry).
In Canada I was a trainer for help dogs for the deaf,blind and chronic sick as well as K-9 security and rescue dogs.
In Holland I did training and breeding and walked dog shows with my Maltesers. The smallest was 1.5 kilos and the others ranged up to 3 kilos.My 1st died 2006 age 15,the last in 2009 age 10. My flat is full of photos and warm wonderful memories.
I do dog sitting for hospital admittance's+vacations+weekends+daily etc.
If we go further,I need copies of the following documents...a valid hond belasting bewijs+copy of an updated vet. book+copy of your WA insurance+ontworm/vlooi druppels+your address/phone numbers+emergency info.+whatsapp+your vacation schedule addresses+numbers,
My rates are comparable to those of a good kennel.The difference is by me your baby gets personal attention and is in my home, not alone in a strange kennel/environment with other barking dogs.
A 3 til 4 day trial period paid by yourselves is required as a trial to see if your pet is comfortable with me and I with it. This shows any problems which may happen during the actual booking time. All required paperwork must be in my possession before this trial period.
If we click and go farther, I require ½ total money in cash (non refundable) at booking time.This reserves the time for YOU. The first who books and pays gets the reservation. The other ½ is payable in cash 1 month before you bring the dog and it’s food+treats+medicine+toys etc. I have a medium size bench for it to have a time out in...

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Woonplaats Utrecht
Postcode 3525AL
Lid sindsoktober 2018
Laatste keer ingelogd3 dagen geleden
 E-mail adres Geverifiëerd
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Dagopvang bij mij thuis
Dagopvang bij oppas: 35
1 extra huisdier: 30
Dag en nacht opvang bij mij thuis
Huisdier logeert bij oppas: 40
1 extra huisdier: 40


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 Medium tuin
 big green area next to home
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Service voor hondenoppas

 Ervaring met puppy's
 Individuele wandelingen
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