Hondenoppas Roosmarie uit Rotterdam

  Rotterdam , Kralingen-Crooswijk

Hey dog-owner :)

I am Roosmarie and I am 20 years old.
I'd love to walk your dog. I am on the hunt for a 'dog-to-walk/babysit' because it makes me super happy to walk together, be outside, pet him or her and play.
Hopefully I can find someone who is in need of an extra hand to take care of her/his dog. Be free to message me, I am happy to help you!

My experience.
I have some experience in taking care of dogs from people around me. Last summer I took care of Silke (she's in one of the pictures).
For me it feels very natural to be around animals. Since I have always been surrounded by them at home as a kid.

Practical info.
I would be happy to come by before hand, to meet you and your dog and note everything I need to know.
Furthermore I am pretty flexible in planning, it mostly depends on my university schedule but I am always willing to help you out.
For me, last-minute or one-time calls are no problem. Although a longer term is something I would treasure :).
I can administer oral medication. And I think I can guarantee you that I am a reliable person ;).

For questions: Please be free to ask and message me!
Kind Regards, Roosmarie

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Woonplaats Rotterdam
Postcode 3062gs
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Lid sindsseptember 2018
Laatste keer ingelogd4 maanden geleden
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1 Huisbezoek per dag: 5
2 Huisbezoeken per dag: 10
3 Huisbezoeken per dag: 15
Dagopvang bij mij thuis
Dagopvang bij oppas: 10
1 extra huisdier: 15
Dag en nacht opvang bij mij thuis
Huisdier logeert bij oppas: 15
1 extra huisdier: 20
Wandelen met de hond: 8
Extra hond: 12


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