Huisdierenoppas Victoria uit Zoeterwoude


I grew up surrounded by dogs, now im living by my own and it will be a pleasure for me to take care of your dog. This experience gave me knowledge of how to treat dogs, give them instructions and communicate with them. I am a very active person, but I am more than happy to accommodate all activity levels for your needs.

I live in Zoeterwoude Rijndijk l but I can easily move around between the dorps. In my two floor house your furry friend is going to have a lot of space, including a back garden for the sunny days. I often work at home and can usually accommodate last minute bookings.

I also love cats, i was also a cat owner, but my feline is back in my hometown, that's why i would love to take care of yours, either at my place or are yours.

I am open for day and night pet sitting, and also walking them in the day and night time. I am open to overnight stays at your home and am extremely tidy. I will be sure to promptly clean all messes/accidents should they occur.

As i am currently a master student i am most of the time at home, and i have an open agenda, so any weird time requirement maybe i can fill it.

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Huisdierenoppas Victoria uit Zoeterwoude
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Woonplaats Zoeterwoude
Postcode 2382AE
Beantwoorde berichten67%
Lid sindsjuni 2021
Laatste keer ingelogd5 maanden geleden
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1 Huisbezoek per dag: 10
2 Huisbezoeken per dag: 15
3 Huisbezoeken per dag: 17
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Ik kom overdag bij jou in huis: 10
1 extra huisdier: 3
Dag en nacht oppas bij jou thuis
Ik logeer bij jou in huis: 18
1 extra huisdier: 2
Dagopvang bij mij thuis
Dagopvang bij oppas: 15
1 extra huisdier: 2
Dag en nacht opvang bij mij thuis
Huisdier logeert bij oppas: 22
1 extra huisdier: 2
Wandelen met de hond: 10
Extra hond: 2


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 house cleaning
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 Belgische Herder, Laekense
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 Siberische Boskat
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